I have a 5,832 hour Day

Patience Phillips
4 min readOct 17, 2020


Time moves only when I want it to……conceptually…..

I have always been fascinated with this concept of TIME. How it makes all other possessions of ours worth nothing, in comparison. Time is very unforgiving — lost is lost, very unreal — seems like we got, but we run out ASAP, very fixed — its always 24hrs for a king and a kid. But on the contrary to these well remembered facts, there are some who just seem to do many things and grow super fast against the same 24 hour mark, how do they I have wondered.

I metamorphosed to this loooong day mode recently, and didn’t realize it until my pals told me I have scaled up in my usual activities in an exponential manner.

Okay before we jump to it, Am going to spend, out of the 4 min read, a significant time on a very fancy adjective of Time — “Management”, which even makes many peoples bread and butter !!

Once i had to consult a physiotherapist for my back pain, so he asked me to state my trouble. I showed him my reports and told him my trouble and asked him back “teach me how to manage my pain”. He got so excited. I was kind of perplexed, what i did just say, made him light up. Then he explained, many times when people come to therapy, they have a certain level of damage which might not be reversible and some pain they have to experience without any solution. So the word they prefer to use is not “cure” but “management”. So he told me i was the first one to use the word by myself, as a patient, already cognizant of the fact that I will have my pain every now and then, but i can train myself to overpower it and keep going normally.

So Management is essentially learning to live with our quirks and still be happy and peaceful !!

Mr. Cuckoo Clock and Me

I really do have a real cute Cuckoo clock at home :-)!!

Am a happy planner, not like life goals or 5 year plans. But i love to get up soon just to plan my day with few stuff in hand, on a whiteboard though, yes its one of my quirks ! The things I do on day or pretty normal too, I code for a living, paint, write and read for pleasure, cook, walk and meditate for peace. So time is apportioned as so many hours between handful of these on any day.

My earlier modus operandi was I dedicate those many hours I planned continuously to work or cook or walk or anything basically. So subconsciously my Cuckoo Clock was almost my partner ! Its like I report to my clock — my timesheet and my tasks mentally. I would feel say not bad or sad, but sure not so accomplished when I couldn't spend that many planned hours on a task, say work or paint or anything even for some valuable reason.

Tasks gone Topsy-Turvy

I came to this “therapy point” as i nomenclature it, recently, for white-boarding my time across so many new habitual, environmental changes of 2020 chain of events globally and personally.

So it was time to change the game plan, how to do my daily “white-boarding” in a improvised manner. To accommodate what needs more time now as opposed to the earlier set up.
Not to my surprise, many tasks reversed their order, those which took less time then, like spiritual, physical and “hobbytual” breaks now take hours, to help overcome my new fatigues and rejuvenate !

This is not the greatest change, many would have done the same, as I can understand. But how time as a dimension itself changed to me personally is pivoting.

Woman from Venus

I became a women from Venus !! No, no, not the book !! A day on Venus is 5,832 hours long ! After the role-reversal of tasks, I could only pick 2 to 3 things I could do a day, only that much like { code & paint & cook }, { code & write & walk }, { code & read & meditate } (I cant imagine writing logic in English ;-)). And “importantly” no fixed time for any of these. I figured that the right way to do it is, to just smile at the Cuckoo and continue with my painting till am done with it happily, read till my eyes are heavy, walk till my legs want me to stop, meditate till I kind of fall asleep and so on.

This really scaled up my talents to new levels. I moved up to expert level in my programming language, my paintings became from very good to superhuman, (yes these were real comments, trust me), my posts, articles were commented as “spot-on”.

And I wont consider them as great accomplishments, but only to keep in mind that my GPS is taking me the right way, to a good place in life.

All these happened just because of one change, time diluted and i got dissolved in it. I transformed into a stoic-minimalist in spending my day.

I would say, to anybody who reads this, try it at least for a week. Not sure you can continue or not, but you can sense the change, if you feel better keep it, if not say “Nice to meet you @Medium

What do you say huh ?!!



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