A Microscopic secret of Time & Space

Patience Phillips
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Time and space are 2 concepts we all always wonder about at some point and scientists spend their life to get a grip over them.

We ‘look’ at them each and every day but do we really ‘see’, let alone ‘watch’ how they work. Its not about finding their origin, making them go slow or fast or stop/start them. It is just about they have a secret message they are conveying.

As a thinking species we just need 3 qualities to learn, apply and get better at being humans, from the secret.

They are ‘Be Observant’, ‘To Mimic’ and ‘To Refrain’ that is all is needed.

A precursor note — Am no Embryologist or an oncologist but quiet fascinated with this make or break methods getting manifested day in and out. Presenting my analogies in a layman’s language and please educate and correct specifics if and where i have gone wrong. Thanks in Advance !!

Be Observant — What do we need to Observe and why ?

The process of Cell Division a.k.a. Cell Multiplication. Cells start and keep on multiplying right from when we were a single cell. Cells go through basically 3 stages, we all have had in our secondary school syllabus to a good level.

They are

The Rest phase, where the cell take a pause from multiplying.

Interphase — It prepares for cell division

Cell divides

The underlying process is the same. But there are 2 routes the multiplication can take. Both of the routes are ironically not under ones control. What matters is, time and space conditions are applied on each of these stages, by our creator.

Why to Observe ?

If we observe this and know what subtlety makes the difference between birth and death.

One a beneficial growth leading to birth, lets call it Route 1 and other whats detrimental to self and the environment, lets call it Route 2. The superpower has meticulously programmed it. Its getting conducted each and every moment, as we live. We discovered it to the minute detail, only we don’t apply it at a macro cosmic level.

Route 1— The cells in early stage of embryo, just about few days are the basic blocks, embryonic stem cells which have a characteristic called pluripotency and they are called stems. That is they have the power to develop into whatever type of organ the body needs. They apply the below time and space rules to just rev up the development process, but to not cause any deformity.

Stage 1 — Resting — Time — this is minimal, since there is a life making in progress.

Stage 2 — Interphase — Time- almost occupies 90% time of multiplication process. The cell is eating up the required nutrients and growing in size to divide into 2 regular sized cells.

Stage 3 — Cell Division — Space conditions are validated, to see if the individual cell is ready and as well environment is viable and both can be safe and sound. The cell here takes the clue from inside and out, inside is whether its ready to split and no anomalies like no wrong RNA replications and gets a signals simultaneously from neighbouring cells whether there is enough space for division to go on. When these are not good, the cell obeys to stop.

Route 2 — The cells, malignant ones a also have a similar cycle but


Stage 1- Resting — Time —Its indeterminate, differing between individuals. how far the malignancy is virulent.

Stage 2 — Interphase — Time- Its again indeterminate. The cell is eating up the required nutrients not just whats being supplied but even from healthy cells, and blood vessels around to grow. Sometimes when all the nutrients are exhausted it triggers even to grow up a blood vessel close to it, it to travel through and continue to grow on some other part of the body,

Stage 3 — Cell Division — Space — All regards for space is lost here. There are no checkpoints, even when the cell is defective instead of accepting the signal to disintegrate, it disregards the signal and mutates, magnifying the defect going along. It also more importantly disregards the signals from the neighboring cells stop colonizing. Hence a tumor.

To Mimic’ — Now that we observed, next comes how the micro process can be applied to our daily life, the same time and space parameters applied to our way of life leading to which direction we take.

Resting Phase — Rest is required, as equally as action. To pause for a moment and to reflect where we are at.

Interphase — To take what is required for our growth, but only that which does not interfere with others growth too. Growth should have checkpoints, to confirm things are going in a right pace.

Too slow, our goals may be good, but how we are working towards them might need a rework or fresh looks. Things might have changed from the days of planning and now.

Too fast, we might be skipping something vital, or burning something or someone at both edges. This required more attention than we can image. Once we are at a good pace, satisfied that we have accomplished whats required for that stage, we can safely move on to next stage.

To Refrain’ — We need introspection to see where we are going, as well as be responsive to the signals we are receiving from our environment to see we are not becoming a block to self and the society around us

Many times humans get so hung up on success, achievement, they tend to blur out the collateral goals, like spiritual, emotional and health habits they need to cultivate and nurture.

They are not just for namesakes, they ground us, show us whats right and wrong and in the process of achieving tangible goals, we are not sacrificing our human values. Also in the event of any adverse results we get in our path, these values are the ones that help us get back on our feet.

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