When you need server process which resembles an assembly line in a factory !

Preamble — async module has many useful functions almost like logic gates — parallel, series, queue, priority queue. Here we are going to look into the most used and discussed of them all the async.waterfall.


Time moves only when I want it to……conceptually…..

I have always been fascinated with this concept of TIME. How it makes all other possessions of ours worth nothing, in comparison. Time is very unforgiving — lost is lost, very unreal — seems like we got, but we run out ASAP…

Passed on from teachers who were living examples

Recently was listening to the history of the town, temples and the teachers (Gurus) of Kancheepuram, TN, India.

This illustration is about an event that happened 1000 years back in that place.

I have a biased devotion to the Almighty, whenever he…

We have a “Butterfly effect” on every single person physically and emotionally around us. How we feel and how we make them feel.

Image Courtesey : Unsplash, by Yoann Boyer

Am just another commoner looking for awake-arise-moments !! In my quest for betterment i had listened to many motivational or science driven lectures.

And i found what…

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An artist , writer, web developer, who cares to share and clap at deep insights, humor, lateral thoughts and passionate pursuits.

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