6 words of wisdom 1000 years old

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Passed on from teachers who were living examples

Recently was listening to the history of the town, temples and the teachers (Gurus) of Kancheepuram, TN, India.

This illustration is about an event that happened 1000 years back in that place.

I have a biased devotion to the Almighty, whenever he takes human form or speaks to Gurus and imparts knowledge with his own words.

The point is he need not, he had already given umpteen scriptures and Gurus to their commentaries on them.

But for those who think “only” about him, he doesn’t think twice to present himself and move with them as our humans Gurus would do.

These might not happen exactly now around us, but they did happen in the recent pasts (considering the big bang, life of galaxies and all that, its sure is recent isn’t it).

One such history is this:

Learnt about Swami Thirukacchi Nambigal, who did the service of fanning to cool, Devaraja Swami or Kanchi Varadaraja Perumal. While he is at his service, Swami Thirukacchi Nambigal used to converse with Vardaraja Swami. Knowing this, Swami Ramanuja, who had certain questions in his mind, told Nambigal “Please forward my questions to perumal” and that’s it. He didn’t even mention the questions.

As history says it, Nambigal after his the next days service, stood there before Varadar and mentioned about the questions. Vardar, gave these 6 “words of wisdom” which could be a very tiny short summary of Bhagavad Geetha.

Those are:

1.Ahameva param tatvam.
The Lord said that He was the Ultimate God or Paramatman.

2.Darsanam bheda eva cha.
Siddhantam or Philosophy is not Advaitam, but based on the separate entities of Achit, Chit and Iswara. Understanding all the three as one, was wrong.

3.Upayeti prapattisyat.
Means to reach the Lord was Ultimate surrender or saranagati.

4.Antima smriti varjanam.
Such persons who have surrendered to Him, need not remember the Lord at the last moments in the death bed, to get Moksham.

5.Dehavasane muktisyad.
Moksham will be granted when the body with which he surrendered, is cast off after death, in this birth itself; he need not have to wait for all papa or sins to be expended.

6.Poornacahrya samasrya:
Swami Ramanuja should seek Swami Periya Nambi as his Acharya.

Further reading about Kancheepuram you can do here.

Dharmo Rakshathi Rakshithaha !!



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